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Here you’ll find my recipe collection which I’m adding to regularly – check back for updates!

Some of the recipes might appear to be a bit challenging, but rest assured that I have made them as ‘do-able’ as possible. I’ve spent years distilling recipes from cookbooks, restaurants and chefs from around the world and worked out all the little tricks they use to made the food absolutely delicious.

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Malaysian Style Fried Rice

Golden rule for stir fry rice dishes is to precook the rice as I have done here, placing it in the fridge will also help dry the rice out. I usually make this when I have various bits of vegetables…

Published 1 day ago

Sauté Baby Potatoes with Spring Onion

Use baby potatoes, Charlottes or new potatoes according to your budget

Lemon Verbena Tart

This won't work with dry verbena leaves so this is a recipe…

Spaghetti Amatriciana

In Italy this dish is made with Bucantini which is a spaghetti…

Pineapple carpaccio

Sometimes all you want for dessert is some refreshing fruit. Here I…

Scallops, Pancetta & Spiced Cauliflower Purée

The addition of fragrant cumin to the purée gives this dish an…

Trout Tartare, Sushi Rice & Wasabi Cream

Having visited a wonderful restaurant in Cornwall where we had a tasting…

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