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Here you’ll find my recipe collection which I’m adding to regularly – check back for updates!

Some of the recipes might appear to be a bit challenging, but rest assured that I have made them as ‘do-able’ as possible. I’ve spent years distilling recipes from cookbooks, restaurants and chefs from around the world and worked out all the little tricks they use to made the food absolutely delicious.

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Chicken Milanese with pasta

Top tip for this recipe is took the chicken in clarified butter. Clarifying the butter stops it burning.

Published 3 hours ago

Clarified butter

It's easy to make clarified butter - it just takes a gentle…

Awesome Chicken Curry

This curry is my own invention using everything I have learned about…

Sticky minced pork stir fry

The photo of this dish doesn't do it justice! The flavours are…

Spiced Soft Amaretti

Beautiful moreish almond morsels. I have found that having them with a…

Thai Style Marinated & Grilled Salmon

This dish is really easy to make and tastes just as good…

Tandoori vegetable skewers

I'll share the quantities used for the skewers in the photo but…

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