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Here you’ll find the recipes broadcast on my regular slot on the Adam Ball Show on BBC Radio Oxford every Tuesday at around 5.20pm. These recipes are designed to be quick, inexpensive meals using everyday ingredients to feed a family of four.

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Chicken Milanese with pasta

Top tip for this recipe is took the chicken in clarified butter. Clarifying the butter stops it burning.

Published 2 hours ago

Clarified butter

It's easy to make clarified butter - it just takes a gentle…

Tandoori vegetable skewers

I'll share the quantities used for the skewers in the photo but…

Chicken and chorizo rice

Another easy one pot dish. The important thing here is to make…

Chinese inspired chicken wraps

This is a companion recipe to the Sunday roast pie where you…

Sunday roast pie (or Christmas pie)

Inspired by the dishes I make with leftovers after the Christmas feast,…

Frozen grapes

This isn't really a recipe however worth sharing. I keep a bag…

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