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Welcome to The Secret Supper Society — the best place to find awesome, unique recipes in 2022 complete with my kitchen secrets developed from more than 14 years running my own supper club in Oxfordshire.

I’ve spent many hours writing out and photographing all my famous dishes, researching the best ingredients, demystifying the chefiest tricks and making sure all of my recipes are ‘doable’ in an average domestic kitchen.

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Latest recipes

Lemon Verbena Tart

This won't work with dry verbena leaves so this is a recipe to use if you have a lemon verbena plant or know someone who can give you some (or a cutting). Between May and late September, I have plenty so if you live near me in Oxfordshire, send me a message and I will…

Published 9 hours ago
Inspired Party Nibbles!


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A selection of lovely comments from my happy guests

I'm proud to have started 'The Secret Supper Society' over 13 years ago — one of the first home restaurants in the UK.

Like the rest of the country, and the world, we have found the last year immensely difficult through the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, as the restrictions ease and we grow accustomed to living with Covid, I am now able to start hosting occasional Supper Club Events.


Thanks for the meal yesterday. We really enjoyed the food. Will definitely be back

You have made lock-down bearable! Your takeaway food is sublime. Thank you for all the amazing dishes – your passion for food and your unwavering commitment to the best quality ingredients… ❤️

The takeaway you made this week was amazing ? You have managed to keep the restaurant quality and it was so easy to do. The instructions are great and took no time at all. A real pleasure and will be back for more ???

We had a super supper last night – all tasted lovely and ‘cooked’ happily in the AGA, Thank you

Thank you for our Supper tonight – it was sensational. X

I just wanted to thank you for creating a wonderful feast amidst grim times. All your dishes were a delight and really made a birthday celebration. We are so lucky to have found your magical meals!

Absolutely LOVE this!! Love our weekly chats and my weekly Secret Supper takeaway is such a highlight so I’m delighted you might continue ?

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