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KitchenAid Stand Mixer

I know it’s expensive, but. trust me, the investment will pay off. I’ve tried cheaper versions which do the same thing, but this will outlive them all. And, the last time my Kitchenaid mixer had a fault, it turned out it was covered by a 5 year warranty and they sent me a brand new replacement!

Can’t recommend more highly that you invest in one of these

Mini-blender from Cuisineart

This little gadget is terrific. Great for blending herbs and pastes – small but tough. It packs a real punch and mine has lasted for ages. I have tried others, some more expensive and other cheaper ones, but this one ticks all the boxes and is one of my recommended Kitchen Essentials.

Magimix Premium Food Processor

Food processors come in all shapes and sizes and certainly span a huge price range. But, as with anything in life, you pay for what you get. This processor is a real workhorse and does a huge variety of timesaving jobs, lasts forever and is easy to get spares for.

Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender

I use this more than once on most days! Incredibly useful for all manner of things including an awesome potato masher. Once you’ve mashed your spuds with this, you won’t go back!

Good supply of spares and accessories too – good news if you use it as much as I do!

Absolutely ESSENTIAL gadget

If you ever wondered why your food comes out of the oven under-cooked or burnt, it’s because the temperature gauge on your oven is highly inaccurate. Buy yourself one of these and you can see the ACTUAL temperature and even find ‘hot spots’ in your oven.

Do not be afraid of this time-saving miracle

I know pressure cookers have a bad reputation and I’m a recent convert myself. But, once you realise how much time they save and how much more flavour they can add to your cooking, you’ll be as big a fan as I am!

They come in different sizes, but I would recommend getting one a bit bigger than you think you need. I have 2 – one 7 litre one and a massive 20 litre ‘BigBouy’ made in India which I adore.

A must-have for some dishes

Not a big fan of frying but some of my dishes do need a deep fat fryer. You can use a big pan, which works just as well, but one of these has the heating element built-in and so they maintain a consistent temperature and return to temperature much more quickly and so give a much better result.

Boring – but essential!

I know – it’s not sexy kitchen gadget stuff is it? But, Nick swears by this microfibre floor mop. I have managed to avoid using it, but he loves it. Easy to use and has the washing fluid built in which is dispensed with a trigger in the handle. Easy as pie!