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I’ll add videos from my kitchen here to accompany my recipes. You can see first-hand processes and techniques I have gleaned from reading hundreds of cook books to de-mystify cooking restaurant quality food in a domestic kitchen including some quite ‘challenging’ dishes from world famous chefs. I’ll try not to edit it too much so you get a ‘warts and all’ flavour of real-world cooking in a typical domestic kitchen using everyday ingredients you can get from Tesco.

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I’ll be adding more and more Tutorials to demonstrate how to cook my recipes and show you all the ‘chefy’ tips and tricks I have learnt. Upgrade your membership and keep checking back here for the latest videos.


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Pot Stickers

Pot stickers

We enjoy sharing food. Pot stickers are lovely to put on the table and share while you cook more.
Peppercorn Sauce Served With Sirloin Steak

Classic Green Peppercorn Sauce to accompany steak

I only ever make this sauce when we have steak because you make it in the same pan in which you cooked the steaks. It can be made while the steaks are resting.
Salmon Medallions With A Prawn Bisque Serving

Salmon medallions with a prawn bisque serving

An impressive way to present and cook salmon. Medallions of anything always reminds me of the 1980’s when it was a trendy way to serve food.
Herb Pop-overs

Herb pop-overs

My foolproof method of making Yorkshire puddings and an excellent base recipe which can be adapted for Herb pop-overs and Toad in the Hole.
Egg Pasta Dough

Fool-proof egg pasta dough

Our chickens lay all different size eggs so I've developed this fool proof method of making pasta dough for as many people as you want works every time.

Perfect Risotto Tutorial

Making a perfect risotto has been a long journey of research, testing, trial and error. In this tutorial, I’ll share my secrets so you can make a perfect risotto every time, adapt it using seasonal ingredients and even tips on how to pre-prepare your risotto.

My Famous Confit Duck Tutorial

Anyone who has visited my restaurant has probably had my famous Confit Duck. It’s one of my signature dishes and guests request it time and again. Now, I am sharing my secrets and show you step by step how to prepare this delicious dish

Videos from the kitchen

Here you can find videos to accompany my recipes including little nuggets of information that will astound you! I’ll share little secrets that I have developed over the years that you won’t find in the cook books but will help raise your cooking to the next level.

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