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It’s not just models who are ‘Super’, the art world has them too, all instantly recognisable by one name. Hockney, Banksy, Matisse, Lowry, Emin and Perry – all iconic and none of them willing to get out of bed (even an unmade one) for less than £10,000 (*cough* or more). The great news is that you can see all these artists’ work, up close and personal at Fresh:Art Fair – returning to Ascot Racecourse for the first time since the pandemic.

Fresh: Art Fair was founded by Eleanor Wardle in 2017, owner of Paragon Gallery in Cheltenham. She now runs both Gallery and Fair with a little help from her dad Anthony. Spotting the art fair market was monopolised by one London-based player, she knew there was room for a second major player, particularly one with “fresh” ideas. Fresh: Art Fair debuted at Cheltenham Racecourse in the Cotswolds, closely followed by Ascot Racecourse in 2019.

Love Potion No5 by Dan Pearce, Clarendon Fine Art

What makes Fresh unique? Most fairs host artists, but this one is for galleries. A whopping 40 galleries will be showing 4,000 artworks by 400 artists – plus their unique outdoor Sculpture Park. Choice is the name of the game here, so you’ll find plenty in the affordable sweet spot with pieces starting at £100 or less going up to £30,000+ – including rare authenticated prints that won’t blow the budget. “We think our visitors are looking for choice and we think comparison of new talent with famous names is interesting, useful and very much part of the fun.”  

If you’re bored of your old art, Dawsons of Maidenhead – a leading international fine art auctioneer – will be offering free valuations to anyone thinking of selling their old masters. Plus there are talks and artist demos to enjoy. 

Lunatic by E. M. Hopkins: Chapman, Hopkins & Zada

Ready to shop? Don’t let your blank face match your blank walls? Anthony’s picked out six rising stars absolutely smashing it right now and all available to buy at the Fresh: Art Fair at Ascot Racecourse on 22-25 September.

Iryna Yermolova – Paragon Gallery, Cheltenham

The Other Side of Winter by Ukrainian artist Iryna Yermolova

We first found Iryna in 2013 not very long after she arrived in Britain from Ukraine. Paragon Gallery has been selling her work ever since. For every one of those years, she has been selected by The Royal Institute of Oil Painters to hang in the Mall Gallery for their annual exhibition. Anyone who bought her work back then would now have to pay six times the price and justifiably so. “Rarely do we see a single stroke of luscious oil paint imbued with such descriptive power, and the effortless integrity of her approach to representation is nothing short of seductive.” 

What’s the damage? Expect £3,000 to £7,000

Joe Suzuki – Maze Gallery, London

Balloon Puppy Blue and Pink by Joe Suzuki

Japanese-American artist Joe Suzuki is nothing if not imaginative. While classically trained in art, he sometimes takes a rather playful look at life. He works in both two and three dimensions, in this case using resin, enamel and a paint can in a sculpture… to startling effect. Joe’s work is now in private collections around the world. 

What’s the damage? Around £2,000

Ali Mourabet – No Naked Walls, Bramley, Surrey

What’s Your Number? by Ali Mourabet

Ali’s work is bursting with colour and brightens any space to which it is introduced. He is a Damascus-born artist, who spent the formative years of his life in Beirut. His urban themes stem from his background as an architect, evident in the artist’s masterful handling of geometric lines and shapes to create his charming structures. No surprise how many architects gravitate to art. 

What’s the damage? Between £500 and £1,800

The Connor Brothers – Clarendon Gallery, London, Marlow, Windsor, Haslemere

An obsession with truth and fiction is the golden thread that runs throughout the life and work of the Connor Brothers and is particularly relevant in the current climate of fake news, post-truth and social media. The brothers create retro style figurative images which encourage us to see the world a little differently. 

What’s the damage? About £2,000 tO £3,000 for a framed print.

Bushra Fakhoury – Sheridan Russell Gallery, London

Stag Fight by Lebanese sculptor Bushra Fakhoury

A Lebanese sculptor resident in England whose work achieved prominence when one of her full-sized pieces was installed at the top of Park Lane in London. Saatchi Art describes her work as “nourished by myths, fables and folklore”.  

What’s the damage? For a full-size bronze expect to pay six figures but also available in maquette form and resin.

Salvador Dali – Hidden Gallery, London, Brighton, Bristol, Bath

Mystic (Four Dreams of Paradise Suite) 1973 by Salvador Dali

One of many famous names available from Hidden Gallery. They specialise in rare, authenticated prints, often signed and always supported by a certificate of authenticity. Hockney, Banksy, Matisse, Chagall, Dali, Perry, Warhol, Bacon, Emin …think of a name and they will probably have one. These works are becoming increasingly popular not least as investments …seldom do they lose value. 

What’s the damage? £4,000 to £40,000. Always worth a look.

Grab your tickets for Fresh: Art Fair at Ascot Racecourse (22-25 Sep) – from £6pp online. Private View from 5.30pm, Thurs 22 Sept – free wine and first pick of the art.

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