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Gotta love a new skincare launch – particularly one this pretty. WOAH is a new vegan skincare collection from Next Beauty, aimed squarely at savvy beauty shoppers; think elegant sleek pastel packaging and products brimming with proven ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, AHAs, retinols and vitamins.

The collection includes the full complement of toners, micellar water, cleansers, mists, moisturisers, serums, eye creams, masks and exfoliators either sold individually or as a day or night kit. The kits are particularly useful for beauty numpties like me, as they have an easy-to-follow routine with six simple steps – or a fast-tracked three for those nights when TV, work or half a bottle of Burgundy puts the kibosh on those good intentions at the bathroom sink. 

I tested the lot and now look about 18 (OK not quite, but give it time). After much anointing, daubing and slathering, here’s my personal Muddy edit of best picks from the range – read my review, then go win yourself the entire 16 piece collection worth over £200 on Instagram!

Cooling Micellar Water

This had a light cucumber aroma that wasn’t too overpowering and an easy pump action release, which is handy when you’re brandishing a toothbrush/phone/coffee in the other hand. (£8) 

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Brightening Toner

Glycolic acid (at a decent 4%) is the boss of buffing away dead skin cells, and, balanced by the aloe, it didn’t dry out my skin like many toners have. (£10)

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Refreshing Gel Cleanser

A refreshing start to the day with its cool gel texture that turns to oil when you massage it. Feels gentle but effective and smells good. (£10)

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Recovery Night Serum

This sunk in without leaving the slimy feel that other serums can, plus I’m already sold on the benefits of retinol for its anti-ageing wizardry. The lavender scent was a nice touch for bedtime. (£18)

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Vitamin C Gel Moisturiser

A gel isn’t usually my go-to but this felt light and effective. The caffeine, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid are a winning combo for a daytime moisturiser. (£14)

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Hydrating Mist

This was less a spritz and more a full blast but it definitely made me feel alive! The rose oil gives it a beautiful scent. (£14)

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Recovery Night Cream

This feels velvety and dense on application, but it melts into the skin and with the 1% peptides and 0.2% retinol it’s got some clout and at a decent price. (£16)

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Detoxifying Mask

This mask has the aloe to soothe while the clay draws out the pore-blocking impurities, and the AHAs to brighten. It doesn’t dry out the skin and make you feel like you’re talking with clingfilm on your face (you’ve been there, right?) like some other masks. (£12)

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Daily Kit

For busy mornings (aren’t they all) this speedy three-step routine is a winner: cleanser, serum, moisturiser. The serum step was my favourite – a real moisture boost but light enough for the day to wear under moisturiser or make up. And it had just the sort of ingredients that you feel your skin needs for a morning boost – caffeine, Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. There’s also something inviting about the peach packaging for a morning product. 


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For my picks, plus the routine kits or the full collection, check out the Woah section at Next Beauty – and win the full collection here!

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