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‘I love Muddy?’ Hey, who doesn’t?! And who doesn’t love a stylish, sturdy and practical water bottle that you can take anywhere and means you don’t have to rifle through an enormous tote to find it?

BottleSoc is that thing you never knew you needed but is darned genius – a washable stretchy bottle carrier sleeve that fits most 500ml bottles, protects your bottle from scratches, can be slung over a hook/fence/branch/chair, and can be personalised to be instantly recognisable.

We all get the need to be hydrated, especially in winter with the combo of indoor heating and dry winter air, but taking a water bottle with you isn’t always easy. Well, now it is.

The Oxfordshire-based business sells online and has different sleeve colours and patterns that can be personalised (just like ours!), customisable straps, and they sell water bottles if you don’t already have a suitable one. It’s your teen gift/fitness buddy pressie/secret Santa/hydration goals… nailed!

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