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Name: Oxford Town Hall Café

Location: The clue’s in the name, no?

I didn’t know Oxford Town Hall had a café. No, you probably wouldn’t – it’s tucked away at the back of the building, with only a few sneaky signs, and it just re-opened this Spring.

There are loads of cafés in Oxford though. True dat, but this one is strategic pit-stop if you want to escape the bustle of the high street without having to trek out of the city centre. Fancy popping in?

Ooh, go on then, I’m starving. Good – the menu here’s short but sweet, and sandwiches are the main port of call so we can eat ourselves into a carb coma.

I guess they’re pre-packed paninis? Actually, no. The caterers Elegant Cuisine make everything fresh in their Kingston Bagpuize HQ and then run it over in the morning. And everything’s as locally-sourced as poss – the coffee comes from the Oxford Coffee Company, and the cakes are made by NOOD in Botley. I’m gunning for a brie and mango chutney ciabatta, what about you?

Gah, I forgot, I just went vegan last week. No probs, they have that covered, and gluten-free too.

What’s that big room next door? Ah… that’s the gallery. The café is working on transforming it into a furnished co-working space which will be pretty awesome. We’re keeping our beady eye on it, and will indiscreetly spread the word asap, don’t worry.

OK, coffee done, what next? Peasy. Pop into the Museum of Oxford your my way out – it’s literally next door, and an easy win with little kids ( there’s a dress up day on 2 July btw) and bribe them into good behaviour with a café brownie . One to go, please.

Oxford Town Hall Cafe, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 1BX Tel: 01865 252195

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