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Our gardens are certainly getting their fair share of use lately – come rain or shine. Anyone else shivered their way through a lot of wine in the name of a social life?

But while we’re constantly keeping our ears to the ground when it comes to interior style (a bold new hue here, or a statement wallpaper there), when was the last time you thought about updating your garden?

Luckily, we’ve got the inside line on 2021 garden trends from James Smith, design director of luxe landscape design company, Bowles & Wyer. Your garden is your oyster!


Being constantly in the house or garden has got us looking to upgrade and redesign our outdoor spaces. Mental health, comfort, and stimulation lies at the heart of this, meaning that gardens need to become more multi-faceted. Not only do they need to be relaxing spaces where you can watch the seasons change, but they also need to provide space for exercise, gardening, and entertaining.

So, think about how you can make the most of a space, and get more than one thing out of it. Design your garden the way you would an interior space: think multi-functional furniture, lighting and heating, and perhaps even the odd chin-up bar, play area or outdoor kitchen.

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David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet brought sharply into focus the problems we face on Earth, both now and in the future. It’s important that we change our mindset, and garden design can be a part of this. Re-wilding has long been a garden design trend, but it’s more relevant this year than ever before. Whether this means creating no-mow areas, establishing wildflower meadows, or planting to increase local biodiversity, it’s something to think about. You should also consider using more sustainable materials in your garden, reducing waste, and recycling as much as possible.


Although garden design is about recreating an outdoor space, it doesn’t mean you can’t work with the earth that’s already there. Sculpting gardens with the existing soil and sub-soils is becoming ever more popular — it’s a great way to reuse material, and to challenge yourself to sculpt a surplus into land art projects, for example. Working with what you’ve got is better for the environment, too.


We’re expecting to see an increasing demand for veg patches as part of garden designs simply because lockdown has made us all more mindful about being self-sufficient. Many of us experimented with growing our own last year – from small pots to larger patches – because after all, what’s more satisfying than eating something you’ve grown yourself? Top tip: pepper or border your beds with ornamentals that grow well with edibles, for a mutually beneficial and visually-appealing effect.

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Thinking of enlisting the experts? Get in touch with Landscape Design Company, Bowles & Wyer to see how they could re-imagine your garden.

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