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Abagail’s having a moment…again

Is it me or is everyone feeling a tidal wave of Seventies culture ripping through this Autumn? Fashion, interiors, screen and stage are dousing themselves in corduroy, salivating over fondue and generally feeling it for the cultural flare. Shall we join them?


First up, and just up the road from me at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre, Hairspray has given way to 9 to 5 The Musical (on until Oct 2). The story follows three women who overcome a sexist boss (cue women sagely nodding across the whole of the UK). It’s told with tons of jokes, the fragrant Louise Redknapp happens to be taking the lead role, and the score was written by Dolly Parton herself. What’s not to love?

If you were buying your tie dye and ethnic pants from your local market stall circa 1992, you were probably also listening to Bob Marley (surely that wasn’t just me?). Indulge in the – possible hazy – memories with Get Up Stand Up which opens at London’s Lyric Theatre on 1 Oct. If Marley wasn’t your man, then perhaps you were more of a crooner? Wave your pants in the air-er? Yup, it’s finally been done – a Tom Jones musical, What’s New Pussycat launches at the Birmingham Rep, from 8 Oct. Less musical, more thesping? Then you’ll love the planned stage production of Bedknobs and Broomsticks (what Seventies house didn’t have a very worn video cassette of that in the TV cabinet ?). It was a bonkers premise at the time, but what kid didn’t imagine flying away on their bed to Naboombu? The closest it’s coming to the Muddy counties is Woking, Southampton, Northampton and Eastbourne between now and the spring.


Flares, paisley, patchwork and cut-outs are jumping out of the September issues. It’s the homespun dream – raid your granny’s sewing box and cut up the curtains baby – this is a sustainability fashion 101. And two of the big beauty make up trends for this season? Either ‘disco eyes’ with slatherings of irridescent eye shadows, or disco’s dark nemesis, punk kohl eyes. What better to distract from dark circles than bad-ass eye make-up – no-one’s looking at your eye bags when there’s half an inch of kohl pasted above them.


Some of the many macrame plant hangers on Etsy @OlivetCo

What’s the betting you’re a macrame plant hanger pot owner? The Pinterest board has done more for that trend than any other interiors trend of the decade. Then there’s rattan- it’s still having its Seventies retro moment – see Gino D’Acampo’s brand new outpost, Luciano in London as case in point – it’s got enough velvet and jungle wallpaper to put Abigail’s Party to shame. And of course plant pots are having, not a moment, but a full blown every-shade-of-green star turn. Even hospitality is getting in on the action – Muddy Award winning café The Front Room is verdant with plants and you have to wade through the jungle of monstera to get to your table at Bourne & Hollingsworth in Clerkenwell.


One Seventies trend that everyone can get behind – wine bars. And you don’t have to look to the capital – we’ve got a fabulous choice of wine bars in Bucks and Oxon. It’s the after-work drink, nibble and casual bar stools kind of night out that doesn’t require a Doodle Poll to find a date and a calculator to split the bill. A Cointreau on ice for the lady and a cheese and pineapple hedgehog on the side, waiter, and make it snappy.

What’s in vogue sweetie?

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