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1) This is the first ever UK and Ireland tour

Although Dreamgirls premiered on the West End back in 2016, with Amber Riley (yes, she of Glee fame) taking on the role of Effie White, this is the first time the show has gone on tour around the UK and Ireland – a whopping 41 years after its Broadway debut.

2) Swarovski provided the bling

When you think of Dreamgirls, what comes to mind? Probably mind-blowing vocals, and a helluva lot of sequins and sparkle. For the UK show, Swarovski teamed up with the costume team by provided a whopping 1 million crystals so you might want to take your sunglasses in the theatre.

3) Deena is played by a Bucks local

The role of Deena Jones (played by some girl called Beyoncé in the film) is played by none other than our very own local gal, the gorgeous Natalie Kassanga. “The one town that I’m most excited about playing is my hometown, Milton Keynes,” says Natalie. “I was born in London, but I pretty much moved to Milton Keynes when I was about three years old. It’s going to be amazing for me.”

4) Nicole Raquel Dennis was mentored by Jennifer Hudson

Nicole Raquel Dennis, who takes on the iconic part of Effie White, was once mentored by Jennifer Hudson after Nicole made it through to her team on The Voice UK. J-Hud, of course, smashed the role of Effie in the award-winning 2006 film despite never having acted before. Talk about meta.

5) The show was originally meant to start touring in 2020

…but we all know how that turned out! Now after heart-wrenching delays and almost two years without work, the cast and crew of the new Dreamgirls tour are ready to bring it on – and we’re more than happy to celebrate with them! The tour starts in Milton Keynes Theatre, running from Tues 25 Jan until Sat 5 Feb. See you there, dreamgirl.

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