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It’s celebrating its 20th birthday

We Will Rock You premiered at the Dominion Theatre in London back in May 2002, and promptly broke box office records. When it stopped UK shows back in 2014 it had already become one of the longest-running West End shows in history, and since 2019 (save a few pandemic-shaped dents) it’s been back with a ferocious bang. A smash-hit from the very start, the show has since been seen by over 16 million theatre-goers in 19 countries. With no doubt many more years to come, we think its 20th birthday is the year to see it!

It doesn’t take itself too seriously

If you show up to We Will Rock You looking for a bit of solemn theatre, you’re in for a long night. But good, camp, fun? Honey, it’s got it in spades! The premise sees a group of ‘Bohemian’ rebels named after 20th century rock icons (and Britney Spears, for some reason) trying to reclaim original music in a dystopian future. Creativity is dead and all music comes from manufactured pop groups. The script is full of good-natured pot-shots at the absurdity of rock lyrics, and the costumes are wacko. You just know it’s going to be a blast.

It’s written and directed by Blackadder’s Ben Elton

Ben Elton (centre) with the cast of We Will Rock You Australia

Serious comedy creds lie behind this global favourite. If you don’t recognise Ben Elton’s name you’ll surely recognise his work: Blackadder, The Young Ones, Upstart Crow, decades of stand-up, countless novels, and several other musicals, too. No surprise the script is amusingly tongue-in-cheek.

It’s absolutely chock full of hits

‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, ‘We Are the Champions’ — there’s no fear of a dud song coming on here. It’s the sort of musical where the opening notes to every single melody make you want to gasp, grab your companion by the arm, and squeal: ‘I love this song!’. Queen’s discography is recreated attentively and with clear enjoyment (no surprise Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor have often cameo-d on stage), so you can expect feelgood hit after hit.

The location is perfect for dinner and a show

What’s better than good food and the theatre? Swanky Japanese eatery Miya is a two minute walk away and well worth a visit. It boasts not one but four (count ’em) kitchens, and the stylish interiors are just as varied: think opulent cocktail bar and traditional dining room that seats you on the floor. Or, make a day of it and head to Waddesdon Manor first, just a 20 minute drive away, for their nationally-acclaimed exhibition on Alice de Rothschild, stunning blossom displays, and a fancy lunch or afternoon tea at The Five Arrows restaurant.

We Will Rock You is showing at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre from 2-7 May. Book your tickets here.

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