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Let’s face it, kids might not need a reason to love a playground – but this isn’t any ordinary playground. Forget boring swings and worn-out roundabouts: Tumblestone Hollow at Stonor in Henley looks like it jumped out of the pages of a book (more on that later), and we’re big fans here at Muddy. The seasonal events like their Halloween and Easter trails are super-popular with families, but this is why summer is one of the best times to go.

1) The playground

Twisty slides, zip lines, rope bridges, water pumps and treehouses – Tumblestone Hollow packs a real punch when it comes to playgrounds, and it’s ideal for letting the kids burn off a little of that pent-up summer holiday energy. The recommended age for the playground is four to twelve-year-olds, but littlies can enjoy the sand pit and swings (as well as tottering along the steeper slopes!).

For its Sparkle Bright Summer, Tumblestone Hollow looks more IG-worthy than ever, with its colourful bunting and whimsical fairy flowers courtesy of its mythical residents. Speaking of which…

2) The storytellers

If you’re lucky, you’ll catch fae folk floating around Stonor this summer too (although they’re hard to miss in their colourful costumes, tbh!). Three times a day there’s a reading of The Legend of Tumblestone Hollow by Amy Sparkes, the book on which the playground is based, which tells the story of the stone circle and its fairy founder Obsidian. It’s a cute tale that you can pick up from the gift shop if you’re so inclined, and kids with big imaginations will love the origin story.

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3) The fun extras

The fairy storytellers will also be on hand to dish out temporary sparkle tattoos based on the stone circle designs, and colourful flower crowns that are perfect for twirling in. These extra touches are one of the reasons we’re such big fans of the playground – you’re not finding this kind of thing down the local rec centre, that’s for sure.

4) The food

Need to refuel after all that dashing about? Hit up Tumblestone Hollow’s two shepherd’s huts for wood-fired pizzas, burgers, Italian ice cream and milkshakes, as well as hot and cold drinks. Non-designated drivers can even enjoy soaking up the sun with a glass of wine, Prosecco or beer while the sprogs are otherwise occupied.

Pizza might sound basic, but fussy eaters need not fret – there’s a huge range of flavours on offer, including the Stonor Special (that’s mozzarella, mushroom, Italian sausage and truffle) and a Nutella pizza. Extra large for me, please.

5) The space

If there’s not quite enough space in the ten acres of playground, then the surrounding valleys should do it. Tumblestone Hollow tickets also include access to Stonor Gardens (which includes some beautiful walks through the Italianate Pleasure Garden and the orchard), as well as the surrounding parkland. Pack a picnic if pizza doesn’t appeal, and let the kids run riot while you keep your eyes peeled for the local wildlife.

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Tickets to Tumblestone Hollow cost between £9 and £11 per person – pre-booking is recommended.

Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 6HF. Tel: 01491 638587

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