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It’s two of your favourite Strictly faces

If you’ve always swooned over Gorka Marquez and Karen Hauer’s fancy footwork on Strictly Come Dancing, then this show will be right up your street. FIREDANCE is a Latin spectacular, packed full of more tangos, salsas and paso dobles than you can click your castanets at. Karen and Gorka play two Latin dancers from rival houses that meet at The Festival of Fire – expect serious sex appeal and incredible moves.

It’s 100% dancing

Strictly fan but always fast forward through the talking bits? You’ll love this – FIREDANCE is 90 minutes of full-on dance, with no boring bits. “There’s zero chit-chat,” says Gorka. “You won’t see us getting on the mike and talking about ourselves or anything like that. It’s dance show, not a musical or an interview.” Of course, there’s a storyline, but like any good show it’s all about the moves. “We didn’t want to press pause at any point, so once the show starts, it just goes,” Karen agrees. “We are feeding you dance 100% at 100 miles an hour.”

There’s actual fire!

The fire’s not just in the name – there are actual live fire breathers on stage too! “It gets really hot when we’re up there!” laughs Karen. “As a dancer you are always aware of everything around you onstage, but for this you have to be 200% aware! It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced onstage.” Of course, the audience is perfectly safe – but mayyybe don’t spritz the full can of hairspray on your ‘do before you leave.

It’s all music you know

Everyone knows the second best bit of Strictly (after, er, the actual dancing) is seeing the live band perform songs you love. Well, it’s no different on FIREDANCE! The live performers will be putting their spin on an excellent playlist to match the story, including In the Air TonightSwayBad RomanceSweet DreamsRelight My Fire and Bamboleo. It’s diverse, and we love it.

It’s rehearsed to perfection

FIREDANCE first kicked off in 2020, but for obvious reasons, was cancelled after just a few shows. It might have been heartbreaking for the cast and crew at the time, but Gorka’s looking on the positive side. “The one good thing that came from it was that we knew we had a show that worked, but had only been seen five times, so it was like having five full audience dress rehearsals,” he says. “We made the best of it by listening to all the feedback we had received on the shows we did get to do and making the whole thing even better.”

Convinced? FIREDANCE is coming to New Theatre Oxford on Sat 19 Marchbuy your tickets here.

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