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Reigning Queens by Andy Warhol

During Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, HRH posed for a staggering 960 official portraits. Not all them were particularly well received. Lucien Freud’s 2000 portrait was shredded by art critics describing it as a ‘travesty’. Others hit the cultural sweet spot, Andy Warhol’s 1977 pop art piece Reigning Queens, a super-cool screen print using an existing photo from the silver jubilee is loved by modern art fans the world over. In a bizarre turn of events, the Queen actually owns four of the prints and they are now a part of the Royal Collection.

The Queen was iconic, an inspirational and fascinating figure who has been immortalised in art thousands of times over. Here we take a look at some of Queen inspired pieces which may be available to buy at the Fresh: Art Fair in Ascot (22-25 Sep).

The Lightness of Being by Chris Levine

Represented Hidden Gallery

One of the World’s leading light artists, Chris Levine is best known for his utterly fresh portrayal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II The Lightness of Being. The National Portrait Gallery described it as the most evocative image of a royal by any artist. With elaborate lighting, the Queen was required to sit very still repeatedly for eight seconds at a time, and between each stage she simply closed her eyes to rest. Levine was struck by the beauty of her meditative state and snapped the shutter. It is an iconic image and Hidden Gallery will bring limited edition prints of Chris Levine’s work to the Fresh: Art Fair.

Liz in a Spin by Keith Haynes

Represented by Gallery Different

Punk meets pop art, courtesy of Keith Haynes… and the Sex Pistols. Keith’s got a thing for nostalgic pop culture. Royalist or republican, the unique patriotic spin painting and Queen’s head cut from the Sex Pistol’s iconic God Save The Queen 12”. After leaving Harrow Art School, Keith worked as a designer and director at the BBC, and now used clutter from our past – button badges, CD, vinyl records – to create graphic mixed media pieces. It’ll set you back £1,600 from Gallery Different and may be available at Fresh:.

Elizabeth’s Watermark by Angel London

Represented by La Belle Epoch Gallery

If you’re after an Old Master feel with a modern twist, check out the work of Sussex born artist Angel London. Famed for his innate ability to convey an almost delectable passion and feeling within the subjects of pop art/culture, romance and iconography, his pop art oil painting of Queen Elizabeth II will set you back £2,500. 

World Class by Dan Pearce

Represented by Clarendon Fine Art

The Queen has always been First Class (and Second Class, for that matter), but if the global response to her death tells us anything, it was that she was World Class. What better tribute than Dan Pearce’s thought-provoking interpretation of the most famous face of our time in the style of a first-class postage stamp. This highly collectable limited edition symbolises her duty and strength, integrity and endurance. It’s yours for £1,095.

HRH by Ben Jeffery

Represented by Circle Gallery

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, Ben Jeffery’s mesmerising portrait fuses together two visions of Her Majesty from the most significant moments in her reign: the ascension and this year’s Platinum Jubilee. Each limited edition print is finished with metallic leaf embellishment reflecting the Platinum theme. Yours for an affordable £595. 

Grab your tickets for Fresh: Art Fair at Ascot Racecourse (22-25 Sep) – from £6pp online. Private View from 5.30pm, Thurs 22 Sept – free wine and first pick of the art.

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