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through the trees

Aesop’s new Callippus Aromatique candle is woody, earthy, and shot through with Frankincense spice. Perfectly wild for a misty autumn scent, that hints of the winter – and festivities – to come. And isn’t that container just zen in a pot?


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lip service

That’s the mouth and nose of early 20th century Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri on a Fornasetti candle — but you, of course, recognised that instantly. The scent is a heady blend of dried thyme and lavender with spicy incense and cedarwood. If only it came with her lipstick brand…


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Cup of Jo

It’s hard to beat the smell of coffee on a cold day, which is why we love these Fresh Coffee candles from the Muddy Award winning Annie’s in Great Missenden. Made from 100% hand-poured soy wax.

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in the brambles

Bring the early autumn charm of a blackberry bush into your home with Jo Malone’s Wild Berry & Bramble Townhouse Candle, scented with dark red fruits (owl not included). Like all the Townhouse range, it comes in a gorgeous unglazed ceramic lidded container — dead chic to reuse.


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paris bookshop

Diptyque is taking us on a curated global tour with its latest candle range, and we love stop number one: Paris. The vision is antique booksellers on the banks of the Seine (you gotta love this stuff), so the scent is polished wood and the ‘spicy vanilla accents’ of old books. Ooh la la.


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Amber Sunrise

Award-winning Bucks-native Ruth Mastenbroek has launched the evocative Rebel County candle, inspired by tales of Cork from her Irish grandmother. It’s an effective mix of Irish oak, amber, and wild herbs: a ‘firesome scent’ that evokes burning peat and a chilled sunrise on the Irish coast.


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soup’s up

Nothing says shorter days and colder weather like a steaming bowl of soup, right? Take that logic one step further: a jaunty Andy-Warhol-style tomato soup candle from Amara is just the thing for October. The fragrance is a cosy, kitchen-y one of tomato leaf, basil and mint, and the colours be poppin’.


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beside the fire

Hand-made in Sussex, this Be Still candle from Seven Seventeen is all swirling smoke and crackling log fire, for those dark and snug nights. The wax is totally plant-based and the container is a recycled pharmacy jar, so you can tick that sustainable box, too.


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a sip of smoky tea

It’s all steaming, cosy comfort with this Infusion de Thé candle from Miller Harris. Clean bergamot mixed with the slight smoke of tea for a perfectly warming autumn scent.


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make candles not war

Give peace a chance and fill your house with the aroma of Sixties liberation. Which in this case is of course the scent of fig leaves, cyclamen, and musky woods, courtesy of the Lauren Dickinson Clarke Yoko Ono candle.


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autumn herbs

Another one big on the eco-creds, Self Made candles have seeds hidden in the labels for use at the end of the candle’s life. For autumn, we love this Sage & Rosemary scent — a blend of woodsy herbs that’s perfect to hide cooking/pet/husband smells in a cosy kitchen.


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citrus woodland

With this Cedarwood and Bergamot Candle from the Bucks brand Iris Organics, you get warm, woody notes shot through with citrussy bergamot. A cosy, relaxing scent in a candle made from soy wax, 100% cotton wick, and pure essential oils.


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mystery in Mykonos

A set of dinky but oh-so-chic candles from the luxe Soho Home range, inspired by the brand’s house in Mykonos. They’re each scented differently: bergamot & mandarin zest, a dark and autumnal leather & oud mix, and a sweet and spicy tonka & florum. Guaranteed to make your home appear as sleek and stylish as a Soho House. Maybe.


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after dinner

This Frederick Malle Café Society candle is scented with the “ephemeral odour of the living room a few minutes after the end of a Parisian dinner.” No more description needed, we know exactly what that smells like. What do you mean you need more information? Yeesh, fine: it’s a blend of wood, citrus and soft floral notes. Just the thing for autumn dinner parties.


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