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Betty’s Imperial Easter Egg

Feel like you’re feeding the five thousand this Easter? Here, five kilos of chocolate should do it! Made with Grand Cru Swiss chocolate and delicately hand-piped, this whopper from Betty’s is only available from their Yorkshire shop (no surprises there – image putting this in the post). Luckily, there’s also a slightly more mangable version for sale at £32.


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Coco Chemistry Gold Flux Easter Egg

Artist sculpture or Easter snack? You decide! Pick up this eye-catching turquoise egg (complete with salted caramel truffles) from Coco Chemistry’s chocolate shop in the Westgate).


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Harvey Nichols Eggs with Legs

It’s not often I see an Easter egg with nattier footwear than me! This hollow egg comes complete with its own hand-painted, individually decorated egg cup created by kitsch ceramic designer Mary Rose Young – but there are only 90 of each available, so snap it up quick!


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M&S Harry Potter Golden Egg

Got Hogwarts fans in the family? They’ll go ga-ga for this golden egg from M&S, inspired by the fourth film. Luckily these ones don’t scream when you open them – but they do contain yummy white chocolate.


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Rumsey’s Easter Bunny

This little guy from Thame chocolaterie Rumsey’s is almost too cute to eat (hey, I said almost). Each one is hand-painted, so they’re unique as well as delicious. Hop to it!


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Mode & Grace Floral Easter Egg

The bonkers weather might be messing with the garden, but at least this dark chocolate egg from edible flower experts Mode & Grace is in bloom! This egg is so pretty it’ll make the perfect centrepiece for your Easter table – before you scoff the whole lot, of course.


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Coco Noir Russian Fabergé Eggs

These Fabergé-style creations (inspired inspired by the elaborate imperial eggs created for the Romanov dynasty) from Oxford chocolatier Coco Noir are considerably better for the budget than the real thing, coming in at a purse-friendly £12 a pop.


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The Cocktail Man Espresso Martini Chicktail Kit

Think Easter eggs are just for the kids? Think again, my friend! This clever kit from The Cocktail Man includes everything you need to whip up an espresso martini inside your milk chocolate egg – definitely worth hunting in the garden for.


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Butler’s Cheddar Cheese Egg

Don’t have a sweet tooth? Firstly, we can’t be friends – secondly, I have just the Easter egg for you. This half-egg is made entirely out of cheddar blended with soft cheese and can easily be spread on toast as part of your Easter breakfast. There’s even a blue cheese version too.


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Chococo Dinosaur Egg

Dorset chocolatier Chococo pays homage to its Jurassic Coast roots with this dinosaur-studded milk chocolate masterpiece. This one is a giant 400g version, but there’s also a smaller 175g version available for half the price.


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Cutter & Squidge Cookies & Cream Vegan Easter Egg

No need to miss out if you’re dairy-free – this cookie-stuffed creation is 100% vegan. It’s packed to the brim with vegan caramel and honeycomb dreambars, caramel ganache-filled eggs and crunchy Oreo cookies – I think I have a sugar rush just reading the description…


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